Past Games

Odyssey is a mind-bending game that explores the duality of dimensions. It's a hard puzzle platformer, where the player goes through an odd "Odyssey".
You are a kid lost at a store who needs your mother. Walk around (wasd) and look for her (mouse). Eat chocolate bars to regain stamina, run with (shift).
Time is broken. You must fix it, by breaking it more. Change the timescale of objects in regions to synchronize your circuit.
Memento is a game about fixing a broken mind. Play as both sides of the brain, the logical and the creative. Each side represents and understands things and puzzles completely different.
Two birds fight for resources to build a nest. Battle against the other bird to collect more (and more valuable) items (or you can try to steal from your enemy).
On a mission through space, our (not so) heroic amorphous glob, carrying a world-endingly infectiousdisease, barrels through interdimensional space in a quest to find living worlds unfortunate enough