Past Games

It's time to summon The Prince Of Darkness, Mr Louis Cypher himself! Place 5 objects on the pentagram and perform your incantations.
Massive multiplayer beat 'em up game, using your android phone as controller.
Super Fruit Punch is a coop platformer/fighting game, where you have to work together to fight against fruits and mix different kinds of punches. We are looking forward to hear feedback. - You c
Blood Ritual Blood Ritual is a fun combination of Mortal Kombat and Super Smash Bros. In this ancient rituals four warriors fight to rip out each others hearts to sacrifice them at the top of a temple. The Warrior who earns the gods favor by sacrificing most hearts will be allowed to live after the trial.
\"We can't stop here! This is bat country!\" \ \ Well, Mr. Snake might have been a bit drunk when he and his companion Mr. Gecko ignored all the warnings and set out on their adventure. Being one of the few snakes who can form a tire out of himself, Mr. Snake is now rolling down the hill while Mr. Gecko defends him from birds, barely keeping his balance! \ \ Take control of this duo of odd heroes in this quirky adventure for one casual and one hardcore player, only here and now in SUPER SNAKE WHEEL!
In "A hero will rise and fall" you become the human virgin sacrifice of a maya ritual to please the goddess of fertility. The ritual demands of you to dive head-on into the holy pit, facing a gruesome death in boiling lava. If you go down as fast as possible and collect many golden coins as oblations, many babies will be born next season. If you splatter your head open on one of the many obstacles before reaching the holy bottom, your culture faces extinction.
Platform game, using adaptive und complementary colorcombinations to find your way through a twisted maze.