Krister Cederlund

Past Games

In this stealth comedy game you play as Little Britain's Andy as you try to keep having fun adventures in the quarantine world of 2022.
Take on the role of a bus driver as he is tasked with his final drive before pension. Shake the bus until the passengers drop their cell phones, wallets and... Diamonds!?!
Escape the evil clown in this speedy runner game. Be clever and use your tools sparingly to forward i the obstacle course before the clown gets to you.
In the Bludget cave you must pick your weapons or shield by holding the trigger buttons. You could also throw them by releasing the trigger, just make sure you aim for the Bludgets!
This is the story of how we'd like to think the first recording of The Room happened. In Tommy's garage using a Super 8 vidcorder, which, for some reason had a 16:9 resolution.
Awkward. Summing up the time spent at a Swedish bus stop could in no way be explained better than with that one word.
The year is 2054, In Chummy Fishes you take on the extremely important mission of creating more chum for the rapidly expanding chum-industry, be aware though, for seagulls also frequent these shores.