Past Games

A game for two players, running inside a treehouse and trying to beat each other with pillows and other stuff
Turn-based strategy with hexed board
Floodfighters is a game about two firefighters who compete to protect as much buildings from the flood as possible while trying to destroy the work of each other.
Fight between a druid and a wood witch. Use slavic incantations to defeat your enemy or block his attack with your magic shield. If you do this right, you might even repell his spell!
The Everlasting Journey is a cooperative game in which two people journey through life together, facing different difficulties, being chased by death.
It is a game in which two players share one screen and one keyboard. There are two kind of items falling from the top of the screen - one for each of the players.
Welcome to Broken Heart! It's our alternative version of a common "Twister" game - for computer keyboard. It's for 2 players. One of them is GREEN, the other one is BLUE. You should both decide on Your colors before starting the game. Upon starting it, new letters will appear periodically each of them causing the heart to bleed. To stop the bleeding, You have to push the right button with the correct finger. The more blood u lose, the faster Your life bar decreases. From time to time a syringe appears on the sceen for a short while. You can click on it and hold Your left Mouse button to regain some health.
A game where you have to protect hamster from a snake.