Past Games

Ragdoll rhythm game. Play in the web browser with one or two game controllers. Make waves!
A magical multiplayer party game, inspired by Wario Ware, with Shakespearian sensibilities.
You figure it out! Made in four hours.
Co-op backstabby tiny man game. 4 people play on JUST ONE Xbox controller!! Or keyboard, if you must. Beware of the surprising controls if you bump into your fellow dwarves!
Doctor Squad M.D. is a cooperative party game for 2 to 6 players where players get to perform the messiest surgery(in modern medical history) on their iOS or Android Device! Each player will be assigned a random role in the surgical team and need to complete the instructions on the screen before the patient's ECG flatlines. Your teammates will also receive instructions that may require you or someone else's help!
Features: - The overrated concept of Teamwork - Undiscovered Parts of the Human Anatomy such as: Protruding Pubus Hairius & Superior Aenus Cavity - Operation room atmosphere namely: Confusion, Shouting or Panicking - Blood, vomit, more blood , even more vomit
Laggy Dash is a massively single-player one-button run-and-jump game. It is written in Java, using the PulpCore engine. The server is written in Google's Go language. The game supports up to 1000 simultaneous players. Enjoy!
"Bogus Quest" is a retro-style flip screen exploration adventure. Help "Captain Onion" find his lost red key to escape!
Control the "King of Winds" with mouse+keyboard or XBOX360 controller, sucking up the varicoloured clouds from different levels of the atmosphere (which you must zoom between), spit them out at the highest level, and then blow them together into one large brown cloud, which will dissipate while the King snoozes. Features an online leaderboard and smooth, fancy graphics.

Hearty Games