Past Games

Robert the farmer and Monique the mole are close neighbours, living on their side of the Robert's field. Robert likes to listen his jazzy chill music while Monique collects crystals in the burro
The game is about an android who works for a big company in a train station in Paris, 2079. He takes care of the lost and found service and has to return the right items to the right people.
Control your sailors to win the combat. Gather resources to repair your boat and cannons.
It's about a mayor from a small village who try to light up hearthes before the night covers everything. Pay attention to your light, and quickly join and turn on the four fireplaces.
Discover the small coastal village of Yerushe. Talk with their inhabitants, discover their stories and secrets.
It's Show time for DJ Fish! Bring every fish to the dancefloor but avoid the evil shark!

Hearty Games