Past Games

A gravity-based game where you aim a projectile into the sky and curve it around the world to your target, where a ship will swoop in and blast enemies with lasers.
OH CRAP! You just witnessed a robbery and now you find yourself chasing the thief! You're an FBI detective that happened to be in the right place at the right time.
Harry Grapplenutz the repair-bot has one simple job to do: twist nuts. Grapple about a ramshackle factory turning screws with your telescoping wrench wrist.
An epic 3rd Person platformer where you are a freeloading teddy bear. Your goal is to collect enough candy and escape the bedroom before your owner throws all his toys away.
Deep underwater you're submarine has crashed. Luckily you haven't gotten far from your research center.
What happens when a power failure occurs in the middle of a Global Game Jam? All hell breaks loose!