Past Games

A tile-laying game where players take turns laying a random tile. Each player (black or white) is trying to form a cluster of 20 boxes of their color while confounding the other player.
You work the Lost & Found desk in a bust spaceport full of forgetful and helpful aliens. Folks will stop by to give you things they found or to ask if something they lost is there.
When things go wrong you need a fast robot to make things right again.
This is a competition between players to create the most ostentatious home (worth the most points) before the game ends. Players can add rooms to the floorplan or upgrade existing rooms.
Each of the four players is a virus trying to dominate the playing area. This is achieved by transmitting your virus around the area through replication and outpacing the competition.
The player works at the immigration center and is tasked with allowing the people most valuable into the country. At the same time, the player must avoid letting in more unsavory types.
Magic Hands is a temple run dungeon crawler that requires you to learn spells to complete challenges and obstacles. The magic spells are conjured view gesture input from the player.
A fast-paced, social card game where players chain disasters and solutions for points.
You are a member of a team going in to clear out a dungeon, but each of you has a personal agenda and may see certain situations differently.
A Egypt-noir text adventure with a twist. Beware the text!
Shifting Sands is a 4-player cooperative game played on an ever-changing tile-based board. Work as a team to find the lost relics, while dodging monsters and hazards. Good luck.
Four clans of monkeys have cropped up on a large island. Due to the limited resources, only one clan can survive -- the other clans will go extinct. The fur and bananas are going to fly. Anything to avoid going extinct.