Past Games

Fix my game you lazy game developer! The game works, but that game designer forgot to balance certain variables. Good thing that while you play he is able to tweak the game ;)
A fast paced two player game where you have to sustain your planet by collecting resources on other planets.
A player vs player area control game where scrambling your opponents controls is the key to victory
Requires 4 shepherds, each with controller. In After all mehhh it's just sheep meeeehhh, you help the mmmmehh sheep surv -meeehhhh- shut up goddamnit!1!!. Control the flock and save the sheep.
Two completely different games in a one of a kind bundle.
*You have one minute to save the Earth from destruction.* Run and jump your way through enemy lines to destroy the alien super missile that will be launched at Earth a minute from now. Dodge missiles and use them as a platform to vault over enemy hover tanks. * * * You Have One Minute is a turn-based strategic puzzle platformer. When the going gets though the game freezes to allow you to plan a series of jumps, dashes and jet-pack actions and look ahead to see the results. Can you find the exact right path to make it through the barrage of enemy fire and make it to your target in time? * * * When the game enters bullet time you can use the mouse to add action on your future action line. Select different action (jump, jet-pack or dash) from the menu below the game screen. Press play if you are ready to continue.* * * To win collide with the missile as it is being launched...
2-4 multiplayer game. Compete head-to-head to capture as many floating orbs as possible. Maneuver through orbital madness with easy to use controls (and sabotage your competitors with malicious power-ups).