Past Games

pop the board with 'friends'! plant some trees!
A lovely adventure in height for tiny humans!! A HUMANY STACKING GAMUT wow! fun to be had!
The Kardi are strange creatures that resides inside each one of us.
Crab: Comando para la relocalización de astronautas bigotudos es un juego de plataformas donde un pequeño cangrejo robot es el encargado de juntar los restos de una de las naves colonizadoras que expl
Guía a este intéprido paquete TCP-IP por las oscuras tuberías de la interne´para entregar un importante mensaje.
Guide the stars across the skies!
This is a collaborative/versus 4 players game where each player controls a rowing on a wacky boat and needs to coordinate with the other player on the team to win the race by dodging obstacles and avo
The game is an endless runner where you have to escape from the guards of the sacred temple, using your powers to pass through the obstacles and traps (Z/W/Space=jump/ X/E/Ctrl=change colors/ bonus= d
Find out the many possibilities for slime breeding.Have fun figuring out how to achieve the desired results for each scenery!
You are a stingray. Your mission... save the little stingrays from the shark. There are mines also, so you should be very careful The scenario rotates constantly, keep that in mind...
In the space era, you have to find the alien in disguise by listening to everybody's heart beat. Requires the unity3d plugin. Headphones recommended.
Debes ser el primero en llegar al altar y realizar el ritual de sacrificio, pero no te olvides de recolectar la ofrenda en monedas de oro que exige el dios Huitzilopoctli, para ello deberás surcar diferentes sendas y hacer que tus competidores pierdan su rumbo.
A cosmic ring populated with very very very weird things like icecreams, umbrellas, bees, baloons, etc. Collect the legendary gems in the legendary order and save your life from the eternal cosmic ring.
Guide the last male panda in his quest to avoid the extinction of the entire species.
Are you who you think you are? Make your choices and find out! Life Choices offers a window to the past and to the future to anyone who dares to confront their inner beliefs and to place them on the table of judgment. What fate awaits?