Kleison de Souza Dantas

Past Games

It's a forever runner game where the little rat have protect your home from monsters. The track afect the game play, the enemies spawn and player shoot in the ritm of music
In a world overrun by hellish creatures, a charming little frog must fight to restore the land in this fast-paced 2D mobile brawler. Numa terra devastada por criaturas infernais, um simpático sapin
In an island before time, a wandering soul must free the elements trapped by ancient beings so humanity can exist. Numa ilha antes do tempo uma alma perdida deve libertar os elementos aprisionados
The pollution and nuclear waste caused genetic mutation in termites, turning them into real machines of destruction that devastated the entire forest on the planet, leaving only the last yellow Ipe.
The little Candy can see things that other people do not see, and it scares him, only there are two ways to calm him, turn on the light and and his sweet mother.
This is a game about Billy, a boy known as the tough guy within his neighbor. Tired from see Billy bullying people and little animals from the surroundings, Mary decides to teach him a lesson for good. Only a few know about this, but this quiet old lady is actually a powerful old voodoo witch that will make use of her magic skills to put Billy into a game that will make him rethink about his own feelings and will make his heart get filled with good feelings.