Past Games

Sometimes it's not easy to decide for ourselves and we need a little help...
We tried to make a card game but we underestimated the amount of work it would take to make the cards without having any idea of what software to use, finding a way to playtest it online (which took u
This is a game not about a hero but about an NPC, trying to fix the path for a hero.
Help everyone go home
There are jobs that only a human can do. Like zapping.
Why art thou yet so fair?
We started this global game jam asking ourselves what were we going to do way before we knew the theme. This game will make you feel the pain we felt, maybe even a worse one... or something... <- v0.1
What happens when you even put yourself into a madhouse to stop hearing that 'voice' but you still can't? What if you're not the only one that is a madman?