Past Games

In the year 2015, 3 aliens, Zarry, Zurrly and Zorg, find their way to the Milky Way Galaxy and our planet Earth. They teleport down to Galena, Missouri to explore.
A VR game to experience on Oculus Rift where you play as a ruling king who decides the fate of offending subjects with the wave of your hand. Will you slay them, or spare them?
Recreating the age old MMO ritual of downing bosses and stocking up on loot - in mobile form.
We all know that an asteroid caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, but what most people don't know is the true story behind the origin of the event itself. This is the story of a smaller, less well known asteroid that we call Lil'Bro, this is his story - one of power, intrigue, betrayal, and big, fluffy dinosaurs.
Run and glide through the bamboo forests of this Asian inspired ink scroll. Defy gravity and don't believe everything your eyes tell you..