Past Games

(Rogue-like) (Turn-based) (Perma-death) (Strategy) (Crayon Art) Disaster strikes! The city is engulfed in flames, disease, and flooding! It is up to you save it!
Play a curator diving into a planet's mines to reinforce & decorate both your house and museum.
The space ship is travelling from its current planet to its next warp hole. Your job is to place equipment in space that will allow the ship to avoid obstacles during its travel.
You are an ordinary-looking psycho who needs to stay "sane" by murdering random innocents, but don't get caught (a.k.a. better hide the bodies)!
You play as a burger patty, rolling around in a fast food kitchen sticking the necessary burger ingredients to yourself.
Addicting, fast-paced dragon romp, where you must devour coal, sheep and gold to fuel your advance toward the lovely, female dragon. Take flight and light up the skies!