Kim Wöng

Past Games

Francisco needs to gather the parts to repair his jetpack while fighting off hordes of enemies. But can he fly off in time to meet his girlfriend in Paris?
Make your home as cosy as you can to attract as many cats as possible!
It's time for the mayor to inspect your lawn! Feud against your neighbour for his approval. Blow the leaves onto your neighbour's lawn, and make sure to wave and smile!
One day when Helios was traveling over the sky with the sun he feel asleep. He abruptly woke up when his wagon shake violently and noticed he had crashed in to a mountain with the sun.
Play as the sun god Helios and control the sun! Make sure you don't burn down the trees and houses :D
A journey of a solitary ember in the search of "we", which has to go through the harsh and cold environment.