Kevin Kohler

Past Games

Michelangelo and Titian are at it again, and you see an opportunity to make some money by playing both sides.
You are lost at sea
Mend the things that are broken.
you play a microbe
Blue Ribbon is a racing game in which the driver has a beer after every lap. As the driver becomes intoxicated, the car and environment start to behave strangely.
The objective of the game is to mimic the little George in the corner by "eng(e)orging" his body parts with the appropriate amount of blood. Blue indicates that a valve is open, while red indicates that a valve is closed. Click on a valve to toggle its state. If a valve is open, then any available blood will flow into the body parts it supports, making the larger. If a valve is closed, then the size of the body parts it connects will become smaller. You will be scored based on the accuracy of your George's appearance in comparison to the smaller George in the corner. The more points you earn, the less time you will be able to mimic little George. So stay focused! Thank you to Kevin Kohler for his incredible voice acting skills.
Bullet hell, where you play a happy heart, shooting hearts at angry hearts to make them happy!