Kevin Herrera Claros

Past Games

Destiny of Sword es un juego de ritmo. La diosa Moria te dio la oportunidad de luchar por tu destino y de poder decidir si castigar a tus oponentes o salvarlos de un cruel final...
You work on a supermarket closed to the public, and you need to search the items requested by clients from internet and put them on the conveyor belt.
Inspired in the serie "Los restauradores", you control 2 character to repair a house with many problems Multiplayer game, need Xbox controllers to play
GO HOME!!! El desastre espacial En un futuro lejano la humanidad deja la seguridad de su hogar para aventurarse en el recóndito espacio.
juego donde intento mandar un mensaje a mi mismo
The story tell about 2 civilizations lived in peace. And the death wasn't happy about that. So the death meant a plan for solve that problem. The death disguised as an angel and I teach certai
game about a mage that must defeat demons spelling his name backguards

Hearty Games