Past Games

The game is concept of Rhythm colored game which is a part of ritual for the Yeti to pass thru the colored barrier. The Yeti only able to change one resisted colored which is Red, Green and Blue.
You've heard whispers that the proclivities of these creatures of the night are somewhat more extreme than that of your usual patrons, but such is life for an escort in the world of the vile, the
This game is for 3 players, no more, no less! Each player controls a snake with a particular element, and each is weak to one snake and strong against the other! Your goal is to eat as much of t
About a bandit who can surf on neon rainbows. Player needs to alternate between colors to pick up color coded points.
One day, God is feeling bored. So he decides to host a battle of wits among the Human tribal races. For his own amusement. By receiving the message from God. Each race sends out their best Drum-Shaman that possess the power to summon Ancient Spirit Avatars by making drum beats that fires out Elemental Power. Kuthatem is a hot-seat PvP game. That requires speed and wits to battle each other. May The Best Wins!