Keano Raubun

Past Games

The stars align - the time is right! This is the night you will finally shut yourself in your room and watch all the anime on your to-watch list.
A city riddled by criminals and you are a lonely cop that is working the beat. Rid the city of all the scum that is crawling around. Remember, anybody can be a criminal. --- Game instructions ---
The United States of Dramarica has spiraled into a state of anarchy. Dramaricans are fleeing the country in large waves, leaving a ripple that is felt all across the globe.
A rite of passage from corporate slavery to absolute freedom; abandoning societal norms and the daily grind.
'Face the Trials of the Blood God and earn his favour'. Trials of the Blood God is a multiplayer obstacle course with 2 game modes. [GAME MODE 1] - One game mode is a 3 player co-op
SWORDER is a multiplayer game created by six people during the Global Game Jam 2014. It’s an arcade game where four players share a screen and try to kill each other.