Kaushik Ducky Paddy

Past Games

Here at the Water Rescue/Fishing Company we believe the best way to keep you and your family safe on the waters is to always have our rescue crew deployed on the water and at the ready!
You've lost your cat Simon and can't find him! Use your pst call to get him to meow, listen carefully for cues and look around for clues on where he might be hiding.
This is a VR game where you play as a freelance progress bar technician in a tiny home, pushing buttons to earn income, exercise, and everything else.
"Since the death of God, there has been a vacancy opened. You can fill that void here's how." OUR MISSION IS TRANSMISSION.
You find yourself stranded alone, on an island with nothing but your hands and a will to survive.
Five Trials is 2D platform about five heroes working together to solve a meteor crisis.