Kate Miller

Past Games

Play as a swarm of robotic bees! Manage the fuel levels of your individual beebots to best serve the hive. Bee careful though - an unfueled bee no longer contributes its programming to the hivemind!
You have entered a creepy old mansion in search of your great grandmother's prized antique chair. Unfortunately, the place is full of antiques. But not all of these items are as...
Oh no, everything is broken! Except for a machine that can fix anything, what luck! Use the machine to fix all the broken items as they move past on the conveyor belt.
Control a squid by moving electric impulses between neurons in all three of its brains! Change the colors of the different parts of your squid to solve puzzles.
You have just reached your goal as an Alchemist: creating a Philosopher's Stone! Now, you can create all the gold you want... but you just mixed up all your base metals.
An ambient puzzle game about choices.
A top-down shooter where everything- enemies, bullets, you name it- is you.
A game about breathing. Play as a heart, moving blood to and from the lungs to be oxygenated.
Pinocchibot wants to be human, but he doesn't have a heart. Help him build his heart by solving puzzles and making unique decisions. Collecting all the pieces will make you human. Or will it...?
You are the leader of the Rebels. Your society has achieved great wonders in many disciplines especially medicine. The great doctors have achieved immortality for your people. However civil war broke out at this miracle as people questioned their right to surpass the limitation imposed upon them by mortality. You agree that mortality is part of being human and have organized the rebellion against people trying to gain immortality. One of your fellow rebels has stolen the secret of immortality and has caused the government to organize a manhunt against the rebels. It is your job to save as many rebels as possible as you make your way to the center of the galaxy to destroy the secret of immortality.
Our game is about a meteor crashing into earth, trying to become large enough to destroy all life on earth, and its UFO ally.
In H2OWNED our hero has been dropped into a maze by an unknown person. This disembodied voice periodically gives you intructions on how to best get through the maze. The problem with this is that voice intentionally tries to lead you on the wrong path. The player is equiped with a rain gun, which has three types of ammunition.