Past Games

You just got a fancy new job title! You're being dispatched to one of the smaller new colonies, to keep the local ecosystem in check.
You (and most of humanity) have lost their sense of smell due to a COVID-19 infection. Desperately on the search for a cure, you decide to research smelly things to create a cure and save lives!
The player takes the role of the Bauaufsicht in the größte Baustelle of the known universe: The Todesstern!
You and your team hoard trinkets and loot to feel more comfortable at home. But the neighbouring hoarders want their stuff back and are coming for it!
A virus transmission game. You are a virus achieving sentience in a shady lab. Find your way to freedom by infecting the scientists!
W.A.V.E.S. Are Very Expansive Signals WIP (can't stop the signal)
Cast spells or perform your rituals by input combos.
You are part of a robot that just went rogue! Your systems aren't prepared for this, but you try your best to annihilate as many humans as possible before your system shuts down. Your nanodro
A totally realistic drunk driving simulator. You are quite scared about driving. So, in order to drive, you decide to drink alcohol to ease up.