Past Games

Card game: Compete with other players (mechanics) and discover who manages to get all the necessary parts to be the first to fix a vehicle. Pass, burn and fish cards to get the all the parts you
Hunter, the dog, has to find his home. // Hunter, el perro, tiene que encontrar su casa. // Hunter a kutya, meg kell találnia a házát.
When you look at something, a connection is made and a message must be delivered.
Bone Adventure is a point-and-click adventure game, in the same vein as classics like Maniac Mansion, King's Quest or Monkey Island.
A puzzle game, similar to the classic board game classic Mastermind.
A videogame inspired in the retro MS-DOS games with CGA (Color Graphics Adapter) palette, but instead of the more common cyan-magenta-white-black one, it uses the rarer red-orange-green-black one, lik
Orville is a natural magician, He can transform to different animals and see the different perspectives of the universe.
ELIGO means "I choose" in latin. In a regular-repetititve-short period of time, resembling the sound of a heart beat, you have to make a binaural choice (or maybe do nothing), following your interest in life, following your heart. The smallest decisions change the course of your lifetime. To start the game click on the screen. To choose you can either click on the image or use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys, or you can simply do nothing.