Kalle Sievänen

Past Games

You are a zombie whose limbs are taken by the beasts.
Your car is breaking and the enemies are after you! Shoot your enemies, dodge obstacles and keep your car running by repairing engine and weapons! Player 1 drives the car and shoots.
A board game for 2-6 players. In Shelter Skelter bombs are constantly falling to the roof of your bunker. Players try to maintain their bunkers and be the last one standing.
KUOPIO has received a major development fund and the huge pile of cash has been decided use to the space program.
A powerful wizard Ukko and his helpful little familiar Omma are having a very mundane mana ritual, when one of the magical potions breaks down and things go horribly awry with a huge explosion.
This game-experience is meant to be played with OculusDk2 headset, LeapMotion Controller attached to the front. Basic idea is to interact with wall of lightboxes and try to figure it out.