Past Games

Fight the path of every generation to conclude this mighty adventure on how the time is unstoppable.
Dorothy is a caramel mutt, mother of two little puppies that keep getting in trouble. When she was sleeping in her little house, her puppies wandered around the house and ended up getting lost (aga
What happens when two opposite souls are forced to work together? The time is running out and the two rivals need to sync their skills to reach the center of the map.
Welp! is a game about a group of bunnies who have to deal with the unforeseeable consequences of their actions. They have to react quickly to survive their tasks.
During the brainstorm process, the following question was made: "what if the player could play a game made by a whole community?" That's how everything started, a design of a free web
Is a imersive storytelling game that use a text and music to tell a mistery story. The gamer play as the heart of the main character, making him more anxious or tranquil, each one have consequences that will impact in the game course and ending. The Game Art is simple and there is no change during the game play, just scrooling text, audio and music. All the comands can be done by hearing and taping the mouse key. *Opitional feature: A narrator that will make the game able to be used by blind people.
Simple tower defense game, based on alchemy and combination on different elements of nature and magic to create defensive structures to fend off enemies.