Past Games

VR Game for the Google Daydream featuring fun repair challenges
Multi-player competitive game using a Mac and up to seven PS Moves. The game should be played in semi-darkness. There is the sound of a heartbeat. When the heart is beating slowly everyone can move, but slower than the speed of the heartbeat. The pace of the heartbeat will change as the game goes on. When the heartbeat is really fast the move lights will turn on and everyone must freeze. All of the lights are yellow except one, which is blue, and that person is "it". When the lights go out everyone should try to tag "it" but still stay moving less than the tempo. The next time the lights come on a new person will be "it". If "it" is tagged they must willingly "die" dramatically and fall to the ground. The smoother the players move the faster they can go (NINJAS!). If the accelerometer picks up too much motion for the tempo, or movement when they are frozen, the move will turn red and stay red to let that player know they are out (and that player should also die dramatically). The game ends when only one person remains.