Past Games

Break in, find the Holy Grail then get Lost!
Glaven follows the adventure of Glaven the raven and his mission to find and repair the shattered pieces of his world in order to restore the light and color which once flourished.
Washed up on a small island with sea in all directions, do some fishing and find a way to make this place your home. Controls: WASD - Movement, Left Mouse - Place Furniture, Right Mouse - Pick U
A first-person exploratory puzzle game featuring two characters that the player transmits between, switching between the characters on the fly to solve puzzles that require both of their unique inputs
Dance or face your doom! You are cursed with magical slippers that force you to dance or perish. Cooperate with a friend or take on the curse yourself!
One day, as the sun rises over the mountain peaks and pours into valley below, your mother takes your tiny hand and leads you out of the village.
You are a maintenance droid who woke up in a broken down robot factory. Bring the facility back online. Press E to interact with objects. Press Q to boop. WASD to move and spacebar to jump.
Quandary is a 2D sidescroller puzzle platformer.