Juuso Ervasti

Past Games

Control two characters simultaneously in this puzzle platformer.
A light platformer / walking sim about waking up in a garbage dump and looking for purpose.
Corporation Inc. is a 1st person social interaction adventure game. Corporation Inc. has made a deal of a century, and everyone is at the Penthouse celebrating.
This game is about bringing down a hammer of justice upon a radio tower spreading propaganda and fake news.
A vaporwave infused rhythm/dog-fighting game. Enemies send out black and white auras that the player must destroy by sending out their own corresponding aural attacks.
A girl wakes up in a castle about to be sacrificed in a ritual by zombie like cultists. Can she escape?
The year is 20XX in the city of Neo Oulu. Crime is rampant. A local skyscraper has been taken over by terrorist and it's your job to clean out the trash.
Two friends drive to the desert for a trip. What could go wrong?