Past Games

An interactive poem that invites you to connect images to reveal a story. -- A storm passed a few days ago It took my house, leaving me unprotected The sky is grey, there’s no trees It’s just
** What does this game do? ** See a demonstration at https://youtu.be/wHjRDhshu2Y - The idea of the game is to run a show at the event's show&tell.
Oh dear!, Lilibeth must arrive to the end of the parade!
Protect the 7 fishes that have just escaped the aquarium and reached the sea. Get help from crabs, sharks and pelicans, but stay away from seagulls and jellyfishes.
Arritmia (arrhythmia in Spanish) is a game where you control Betty. Make sure Betty reaches the green gem inside the maze. The maze is dark, but you are able to light it up quickly, but you wake up a monster. It moves only when the maze is lighted up, and you can only move some distance before being too afraid to keep moving. Move with the directional keys, and light up the maze with space bar.
Marriage is like the Devil is a biographic board/card game done together with my fiancée, inspired by all the paperwork and bureocracy we've suffered in the arrangements of our wedding. It's a card game, where each one has to answer a question about the other's life t get all the requirements to get married, while things happens that could affect their life. This game is exactly targeted at other couples wanting to marry.