Jupiter of Earth

Past Games

best with two players with surround sound headphones. player one: listen for obstacles and tell your friend where to move.
Use "A" and "D" to dodge obstacles and ride the wave in this endless sci-fi runner.
You are plunged into a strange world where nothing is every truly black or white. Four Shades of Gray is a horror/puzzle game played with the Oculus Rift and an X-Box controller.
Colors like to stick together. Even if that means a whole bunch of red blocks want to keep you away from a fellow blue object.
Multi-perspective, Puzzle Platformer: Take control of Myror; a construct of energy that can change its perception to move through the world as it sees fit.
Quick or Dead is a dueling game that uses the Kinect sensor to give players the opportunity to play against each other directly, creating the real feelings of doubt, anxiety, and excitement of a duel. Players face each other and wait for the sound of a heartbeat to cease. Players strike a pose, using a gun motion, whip motion, or dodge motion with to try to defeat each other. Players play best-of five duels, and the heartbeat timer increases as the intensity of the duel increases. When one player is defeated, the game re-sets for new players who continue the fight for control of the town. If you don't have a Kinect, you can still play the game. Just use keys Q-A-Z for The Sheriff and O-K-M for the Outlaw, for Whip, Gun, and Dodge actions, respectively.