Past Games

Jogo inspirado em rituais brasileiros e mundiais para fugir do azar.
Once upon a time, there was a little prince who lived on a small asteroid he called home.
The game is meant to be played by cats. MECHANICS: It was designed to intuitively guide the cat through the right paths with the help of red laser lights. STORY: Pixel is missing, help Mar
Your Heart-Shaped Box girlfriend unadvisedly entered in the keyes' gardens! IN THE KEYES' GARDENS! You NEED to rescue her, before a wandering keye reaches her! Good Luck Mate! PS: You're a box, and the keyes always want to open boxes, because, you know... maybe there's an extra life inside?
A common man, ordinary life, executive officer, during a boring day he receives a call, a terrorist organization just kidnapped his daughter, his little innocent child. Overcome the challenges necessary to rescue the most important thing there is, the most precious treasure kept within his Heart, lastly, but not less important, his only weapon is his HEART BEATS, enter this rush through the rooftops of the city in a race against the time, become the hero to fight for what is dear.
A linear side scroller in which you are a golden dragon in search of the perfect meal, your own tail! \ \ You must cross a field full of dangers and find your way through the end so you can finally appreciate the tasty little tail! \ Oh, and you have only 48 seconds to do so! (sounds familiar?) \ \ Hope you enjoy it and curse a lot when playing it =D \ Have fun!