Past Games

You feel something. Now make the world be as you feel.
When you observe something long enough, you can see yourself in it. Sometimes this can be helpful, other times this will be harmful.
Press to start moving through the maze, and aim to get to the heart of the matter before the game ends! ************ SPOILER ALERT! *************** Please play the game before you keep reading... In the rush to get to where we want to be, and on time, we sometimes need to work out which tasks will help us reach our goal, and which will just slow us down: in other words, we need to use our aMazing hearts and minds in deciding how we will use the time we have. We wish you players aMazing paths ahead (in real life), and as for this game, no matter which way it ends for you we have something you can make use of when it’s over. Enjoy! PS: We did not plan it this way, but our game ended up being self-referential. To figure out why, search for the words “emergency room” on the page you are brought to last. (Don’t worry, no one had a heart attack!)