Past Games

Fixteroids is an arcade game about a robot factory sent to the asteroid belt to collect asteroid fragments, fix them back into asteroids and propel them towards asteroid-mining pirate spaceships.
Max Wake Radiohead communicates with the universe with the power of trance and eyebrows! The game is played using only your face and works only on iPhone X.
Our team takes plurals very seriously and because the theme of GGJ17 was not Wave but Waves, our team aimed for the biggest amount of different wave-types of all the game jam games.
Fast-paced competitive couch multiplayer platformer game revolving around morning chores (or 'rituals', if you will).
Tentaquarium is a multiplayer game for hemisphere projectors.
Heartfelt is a strategy card game designed to be played with a standard 52-card deck. It draws inspiration and borrows gameplay elements from popular board/card games such as Citadels, Race for the Galaxy and San Juan. The game takes roughly 30–60 minutes to play through, can fit at least 2–4 players, and is proven to be learnable for people completely new to the game. The game was conceived and designed in Tampere, Finland, EU, at the Finnish Game Jam, a part of the Global Game Jam event, at Fri 25 – Sun 27 January 2013 in 48 hours, by Juho Hartikainen, Miikka Harjuntausta and Ellinoora Laine. The PDF file contains the version of the rules that were designed during those 48 hours. All comments, suggestions and further modifications are more than welcome! ♥ The latest commentable version of the game is available as a Google document: http://goo.gl/p5lSx Heartfelt tells a story of environmental activist groups living in the same neighborhood. The players take on the roles of sincere opinion leaders that truthfully want to make a difference. The basic idea of the game is to train volunteers, organize campaigns, criticize competing non-profits for their hypocrisy and plant trees to earn activism kudos. The first opinion leader to successfully plant ten (10) trees will win the game. As the sound of a heartbeat is the Global Game Jam theme this year, the game emphasises hearts ♥ as the primary suit: to get cards from sponsors, you need to use your volunteers ♥ as lobbyists in campaigns ♦; to criticize other non-profits, you need to promote your volunteers ♥ to radicals with megaphones ♠; and to earn activism kudos points, you need to send your volunteers ♥ to plant trees ♣. The hearts of the trees are pounding. Help!

Hearty Games