Juancho Rodriguez

Past Games

Nezer finds himself between two factions—two paths that might be the harbinger of a new future for us all.
In Trinidad, the player experiences the awe of discovery by charting the firmament to navigate with the help of familiar figures in the night sky.
A rebel ghost tries to scare away visitors from his family's house. Trying not to scare his own human family in the process.
A game about wololoing. 1 vs 1 action; Monsters vs Robots. Each player must wololo NPC from diferent types, when you convert (Transmit your gens) you generate a minion who will fight for you.
Lovecraftian Submarine Survival Roguelike extraordinaire. Top down view of your sub in a dark sea. Search for relics in uncharted waters, infested with eldritch horrors.