Juan Pablo Artola

Past Games

In this game you have to compete with the other players to catch the artifact. While holding the artifact you'll score. If someone hits you, he/she will steal it from you.
Multiplayer "rhythmic" game. You can play from 1-4 players. 3-4 players most recommended. All players use the same keyboard.
Competitive party game for 4 players. Four neighbors needs to finish their respective homes. Sadly the materials aviables for construction are not enough for everyone.
En un mundo hecho de pizza, en el que las motos reparten hogares montadas en personas, estamos a cargo de la difícil tarea de repartir hogares a toda la población...
Puzzle Space Game - Protect the satellite transmission and block the aliens with the space junk
You are a treasure hunter, lost in a terrible darkness labyrinth. Your objective is to catch as many relics as you can. Be careful with the wandering wraiths and the changing walls.
Demonios de otra dimensión, específicamente la segunda dimensión, han invadido la tierra debes sacrificarlos en un anti-ritual para invocar bebés, y de esta forma salvar nuestra dimensión. -Acelerar:
It is Rope Runner, a cooperative runner.
You play the role of Inspector Iosif, a soviet detective officer who needs to save the URSS from the capitalist annihilation.