Juan Mariño

Past Games

Noisy, evil clowns want to turn you into one of them by colouring your world. Don't let them. Fight back!
A small Plattaform game where you can help a teared up teddy bear find his lost body parts. The first parts you find are not the right ones!
Step into the Scrapyard Arena and show your opponent who's the boss of Tintown in this twin stick multiplayer fighting game. Battle another player and try to tear his robot down (literally) wh
Albert is tired of living in a retirement home and attempts a daring escape from his caretakers.
All we know about Gnomes is that they love unicorns (or more accurately, to kill them).
Help Tony the Hamster blend in the crowd during a soccer game. Fans will raise colored signs to create a pattern and you must time the colors correctly, otherwise, hardcore fans will throw gas canist
Each fullmoon, the Old Crone must brew a potion that will increase her lifespan for another month.

Hearty Games