Past Games

Elon and Jeff are competing for the domain of the internet satellites industry.
Mechangrejo, a mecha hermit crab, whose home is being endangered by pollution, starts his search for more power to destroy garbage and overcome the petroleum leak that just started to cover his surrou
All we know about Gnomes is that they love unicorns (or more accurately, to kill them).
Test your skills against another player in an upbeat action game. Charge and release deadly Disco Waves to both attack and defend in a fast paced, reflex demanding three-lane arena!
Prepare and complete the ritual before the townsfolk discover and deal with you! Ariel just wants one thing from life: to summon a demon that will give him UNLIMITED POWER!!!
Who said wizards can't fight? Get ready for the most awesome, magical duel arena of all time. Potions sold separately. Two wizards begin the duel with wands that possess unknown powers.
A fast-paced asymmetrical multiplayer game about a 90's one hit wonder keytar player. Player 1 plays a rhythm game while player 2 plays an endless runner.
Game Description: The game is played with wasd or arrows and spacebar for interaction. The game is a graphic horror adventure. We relate this year's theme with th
Two opposit forces...an endless cycle: life, death and rebirth...immortality.