Past Games

Waking in your home, you find yourself staring at a dead body. Your dead body.
Repair a broken bridge and help your spaceman buddy cross a treacherous pit of moon lava. Tetrinomo pieces will appear from the right side of the screen.
Stay in the light! Follow your mobile home through the wasteland and collect resources to keep it functional while never straying too far from the light. Home is where your hit points restore.
After 35 years failing to contact extraterrestrial life, a SETI station is on the verge of shutting down — until a janitor working their final graveyard shift stumbles upon a rogue transmission.
This is an interstellar defense game about shooting out sound waves in order to protect your planet.
You slept in and now you are late to the morning prayer!!!
The world is flooding, but the giant bean stalk grows ever upward. This game answers the question "What do we do now?" with a simple instruction.

Hearty Games