JP Hakoluoto

Past Games

Text based RPG with AI generated stories and AI generated images. Your choices affect to everything even the game graphics! This was my first Python / AI project.
First this game was supposed to be "FishAR", Augmented Reality game where you can drill a hole anywhere in the world and go ice fishing.
Short story about a man who lost 'everything'.
Touching story about two slavic youngsters, who saved the world. Or did they?
Study morse code, seek and destroy enemy tanks, keep yourself warm and listen Popeda. HTC Vive Support.
The Mesoamerican ballgame 'ōllamaliztli' was a sport with ritual associations played since 1,400 BCE by the pre-Columbian peoples of Ancient Mesoamerica.
Lightsaber game with Myo Armband.
Cruising towards healthy living, collecting healthy points avoiding bad boys while solving mini games challenges utilizing big touch screen.