Past Games

Have you ever wondered how carrier pigeons always know how to get to their destination?
EvenTide allows you to sail through your dreams, dodging obstical and collecting treasure as you ride the waves that you can control with the Moon! Use Up and Down Arrows to bring the Moon farther
The game involves an android traversing his dreams in an attempt to find emotion, which is represented by hearts. The player attempts to collect all the beating hearts in the level, which the player must listen for the beating of if he wishes to locate them. The game begins in a short tutorial portion in which the player learns to listen for heartbeats, move select platforms and use a jet-pack to reach higher areas. During this short area, the player will easily collect 3 hearts. The player is then thrown into a complex area in which there are three hidden, constantly beating hearts. The player will listen for where they hear the heart beats coming from in order to successfully finish the game. In order to get to the hearts, the player will need to use all that was taught in the tutorial level. Team EMPathy is a group of First Year Jammers from a variety of colleges, ranging from SPSU, to Georgia Tech, to SCAD Atlanta!