Joseph Tran

Past Games

Who is hunter and who is prey? The tables can tip in the blink of an eye. Become a hunter or a creature of the night and claim the streets.
You hate your workplace. You hate your job. So what now...? You quit. On the last day, you decided to leave a mess and walk out the door.
A dragon cannot protect the realm from evil without its precious scales - so it's up to you and your party to get out there and find them!
A game where you attempt to create the best place for your character to live based on their traits.
Two desert cities, Sol’fa and Averti, separated by a region known as the Logica Valley use homing pigeons as a means to send over post to the other side.
An epic battle between Space Wizards, shooting out waves to take control of each other. Possess your opponent and guide them to their demise.
It's Salmon hunting season! A four-player competitive fishing game. Hunt or Survive.