Joseph Su

Past Games

PUI PUI this game is about u lost in a dungeon because you are addict to get more equipment. yah just like everyone does while playing chronicon. try to make ur way out. oh btw this game'
We played as a musician who lost his memory after an accident. Throughout the memory, we help him to repair his memory of his family, his work and his music. In other word, his identity.
家對你來說,是什麼樣的存在呢? 也許它美滿,它是一個避風港,但這些自古傳承下來的傳統是否變了樣? 在成長的過程中,我們不斷的被要求,進而成為父母心目中的樣子,成為兄弟姊妹心目中的樣子,而不斷的妥協,妥協成了符合別人心中的模樣。
Want to play as a person with multiple personality disorder in an unreal realm? Than this game will completely blow your mind.

Hearty Games