Past Games

Co-op multiplayer gamein which you should use friends to transmit the message as it should. Los Tagechimozu son una comunidad de diversas especies que han decidido unirse con el fin de fomentar la
A lot of shells appear in the coast with every wave that hits it. You, as the avid shell collector you are, want to collect them all. Can you do it?
The ocean has chosen you! Collect coins while avoiding evil seagulls... while surfing over a huge wave! Es: El océano te ha elegido!
Immerse yourself in this fun and crazy game where you have to defeat your friends by stepping over them.
Every year in Hawaii, there's a day which villagers must pay tribute to Namaka, goddess of the water spirit, to avoid Mauna Loa volcano that threatens them, erupt.
Dolores is a girl who has suffered a lot in her life. She is actually under psiquiatric therapy to try to live a normal life.
Ana is a little girl who was camping with her parents. She was exploring through the forest, until she realized it was really late and the sun was already gone. Now she's lost in this dangerous forest, with the only help of her flashlight. Your need to help Ana, so she can return safe. You will have to find different kind of items in order to open every door. But be careful, if Ana's heart starts beating too fast, is because something dangerous is near!