jose milton ferreira de oliveira

Past Games

( UNFINISHED GAME ) Just Another Life is a point and click game that tells the story of a man that lost his mind. He wakes up everyday fearing that someone will kill him.
After alot of hard work, it's finally here! We'd like to have announced this game earlier, but only now it was possible. The Murmur is more than a game. It's a concept, a feeling. Something bigger. With the arrival of the GGJ, we saw the perfect oportunity to unveil our ideas. At the moment, all we have is a display of gameplay mechanics and a demonstration of our main ideas. The game tells the story of the fragile robot, "Vessel", that was built solely to fulfill a dream. But, for Vessel to meet his objective, he must keep his heart beating steadily so that it remains safe and healthy for the one waiting for it. Have fun!