Past Games

Save the world by zapping the pollution makers! Save the Earth by zapping away all polluting elements! Being an alien with high moral standards, you are intent on repairing this world, by comb
Collect junk and build turrets to defend yourself against nasty robots. Story: The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world.
An assymetric 3d heist game. A thief is on a mission to steal a dangerous virus from a lab guarded by a cheese starved sequrity crew with remote access to the security system.
You are a survivor of a shipwrecked pirate ship.
This game asks the question, what to do when stuck in an elevator with random strangers for a long elevator ride? Do you induce serenity or panic? Do you play it cool or behave awkwardly?
What does this picture symbolize? Is that character good or evil, or something between? Try to imagine what everyone else is guessing and beat your friends!
Social akwardness and a racing heart. You get nervous when people are staring at you. The more nervous you get, the faster your heart beats. Get to the beer before you run out of heartbeats.
You are in a dark maze trying to find your ways around and you are not alone.