Jorge Wahnish

Past Games

After the events that take place in 2020 that triggered the global pandemic, a single hero decides to carry out a second raid to area 51 to find more covid infected and a hidden secret that can save h
Pixel Zombie Wave 2: They ate our neighbors!
A group of brothers will compete to go play with their friends in an obstacle course for the things they love and hate from home.
Solo en casa estaras a salvo de las criaturas de la noche. Acompaña a esta inocente criatura silvestre a travez del bosque antes de que las bestias lo capturen.
Throughout history, mankind has evolved thanks to an unique ability, the transmission of knowledge through generations. Move Left and Right with A-D, Up and Down with W-S, Jump with Space, Use with E
Epilepsia WARNING!!!!!! You have to save Vitas and the dancing dog so that the transmission reaches the fans of memes!!
An urgent message for peace must be delivered... but something happens. An island. No way out. Can you find a way to save the world?
In Argentina, a popular beverage called "Mate" is shared among a circle of people.
All I want to do is sleep, damn light, I wanna turn it off... You need to eat all fireflys to complete the Ritual and survive to the attack of the white wizards!
Un tenis un poco loco para jugar con tu amig@!