Jorge Miguel Carvalho

Past Games

Born undersea, but with an appetite to soar the skies and explore the world! Now that you've got yourself a reliable airship, it's time to make those dreams come true!
What a dumpster! There are broken robots all over the place! How did this happen? Well, no point in crying over spilled oil. Let’s get to work.
Welcome to Bait Line! One of the most popular radio-shows in all the ocean! The experienced Dr.
It's the 80s and the latest trend is the miraculous Shockwave Headgear™, an affordable technological wear that converts your brain waves into kinetic force, allowing the most regular human to per
In Touch is tranquil, ritualistic and peaceful interactive experience in which you can practice a deliberate sort mindfulness for it's 18h duration. A friend asks for your help, and as the playe