Jorge Luis De Alba

Past Games

Dream Coffee is a text simulator about some home techniques to prepare your coffee in the morning.
Pájaros en los cable es un juego para amantes del misterio y el mitote. Ponte en lo zapatos de Golondrina, la nueva operadora telefónica, y sigue la historia de personas completamente ajenas a tu vid
A game where two witches have to collect the broken souls of their fallen minions, the Mexican lycanthropes known as Nahuales.
Rampage through the supermarket trying to complete your grocery list as fast as possible. Get random tasks every round and complete your shopping rituals. Realistic physics that won't ever break.
"Now what?" is a top down shooter with an abstract view of how hard is life.
Explore a procedurally generated abstract environment that changes with your interactions, delivering different emotions in regards to those of the player.