Past Games

Repair your car with junk you can find around you. Grab the junk and attach it to your car wherever you like. Find your rival and smash him with you "fixed" abomination.
Battle-Baseball based game. Collect all coins you can and go safe to home base before a defender gets you with the ball.
Two robots compete each other to be the first to transmit messages from Mars to Earth. Each player controls one robot.
4 superstitious flatmates, sharing apartment with their worst nightmare. Don't be unlucky.
WaapDooBeeDoo is a FPRS (First Person Rhythm Shooter) in which players compite against each other in an arena. It is a free for all deathmatch.
A fighting game that mixes fast-minigames with items that changes your state.
Beat agents miving in nongravity space fighting for beat nodes. Conquer all the beat nodes to win. The gameplay is hard to explain so, we encourage you to play this game to find out.
You're a brat trying to solve daily problems. \ \ Your experience helps you and makes you solve all daily problems. \ Your experience is you affronting the same problem and failing. Probably you can use your past to solve it... \ \ Eventually our brat will grow up and become a older boy.
The game of life is a popular game, but this has no objective, it's just a sandbox. And why not make puzzles of game of life that the target is to extinct all life in it? That's game of death.