Past Games

You play as a nanobot trying to destroy the virus of the host. The virus comes in many shapes with different abilities, so use what controls you have to Kill, Dodge and Run in circles hoping they wil
There was a ship , this ship looked like any normal ship, but that wasn’t quite true.The year 1349 a ship set sail from England to what was then called Bjørgvin in Norway.
Rich has to prove his manhood by interpretive dance or something. We're not quite sure yet. Maybe it's a reaction formation due to childhood stress?
Jessie and Jane two soon to be mothers are having a relaxing trip to the mountains ,suddenly their water breaks simultaneously....
World domination
The game is about a unicorn whose heart has been taken by an evil witch. The unicorn wants revenge and sets out to get its heart back.
Escape the dust bug by leaving behind walls of dust. \ Walls will collapse after 0-9 seconds, so the player \ can pass them safely later.
A mushroomhead’s futile escape from Ragnarok
As the last incandescent lightbulb in the world, you will make your last stand with the limited power you have left. Zap as many flies as you can in an attempt to create a hole in the ecological system!